On a YogiLocks journey for body and mind

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I want to share my passion for yoga with you, I believe there is a yoga out there for everyone, the challenge is to find it! My mission is to help you find a yoga that is 'just right' for you - the Yogilocks way! Whatever your reason for coming to yoga whether it is for increased fitness, flexibility, relaxation or for an overall sense of well-being or some well-deserved 'me time' I hope that you find this site useful and maybe come and join some of the weekly classes I hold


I am pleased to say that I have now attended the Yoga For Healthy Backs training and, as a trainee teacher, I will soon be offering the 12 class programme. If you are interested in attending a gentle beginners yoga programme designed to equip you with methods to help improve your long-term comfort and well-being then please email me or go to the official Yoga For Healthy Backs website www.yogaforbacks.co.uk